LST 393 War Diary

USS LST 393 War Diary, June 1944

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June 5, 1944

Moored in Falmouth Harbor, Falmouth, England. Received signal from Flag Ship to weigh anchor at 0810. Anchors aweigh at 0823 and under way forming in convoy of Task Group 126.4 to commence operation plan 1-44 with rhino ferry in tow.

June 7, 1944

Under way in convoy of LSTs and various other ships enroute from Falmouth, England to Colleville, France, carrying army vehicles and army personnel. At 1010 let go bow anchor in 10 fathoms of water off Fox Green Section of Omaha, Beach, Colleville, France. Casualties brought aboard at 1135.

June 8, 1944

Sounded G.Q. at 0115, enemy planes overhead, we held our fire. Anchors aweigh at 1515, underway to proceed in closer to Beach. At 1531 let go stern anchor in 7 fathoms of water in Baie de la Seine off Colleville, France. Men from LST 75 aboard for transportation at 1532. Casualties aboard at 2025. Anchors aweigh at 2119 to proceed to North Bound convoy anchorage area, at 2217 formed in convoy of LSTs bound for Portland, England.

June 13, 1944

Under way in convoy of LSTs, enroute Portland, England to Colleville, France. At 1104 anchored off Sugar Red Section, Utah Beach, in 3 fathoms of water.

June 15, 1944

Under way in convoy to Southampton. Moored bow and starboard side to in Berth 6, in outer dock, Sothampton, England. Casualties taken off at 1137.

June 16, 1944

Under way at 0017 to form in convoy and proceed to Beach inBaie de la Seine, Colleville, France. Anchored at 1352 in 8 fathoms of water. Under way at 1523 to proceed closer to beach. Anchored at 1530 off Omaha, Fox Red Beach, in Colleville, France. Under way at 1738 passing through breakwaer standing out of landing harbor, Omaha Beach, Colleville, France.

June 17, 1944

Beached off Dog White, Omaha Area, Vierville, France. At 0003 sounded G.Q. after receiving red alert. No action secured from G.Q. at 0028. Commenced unloading of vehicles, and army personnel at 0345. Completed at 0400. Received orders from HMS Ceres to proceed to Portland, England, with LCT 210 in tow. Under way at 1200. At 1312 temporary bulkhead on LCT 210 gave way. LCT was ordered to return to beach. Under way again at 1345 to join convoy ten miles ahead.

June 18, 1944

Underway in convoy of the following LSTs 355(F-S), 400, 523, 27, 393, 288, and 532, enroute Portland, South England, to Omaha and Utah Invasion Beaches, Baie de la Seine, France, course 079 degrees, speed 6 knots. Beached at 1231 on "S" Red Section of Utah Beach. 1438 commenced unloading vehicles and personnel on to beach. Commenced taking on casualties and survivors from beach at 1515, completed operation of unloading ship at 1635.

June 20, 1944

Underway at 0745 to proceed to HMS Ceres for further instructions. Came to anchor off Omaha Beach south east of Kansas Light Ship in Baie de la Seine, France at 0910 underway maneuvering around due to storm at 0937. Underway to proceed to form convoy headed for Sothamption, we acting as commodore of convoy, speed 4, course 025 degrees true.

June 21, 1944

Pilot aboard at 0014. Moored bow and starboard side to Hard "S-3" in Southampton Harbor, Southampton, England. At 0955. Bow doors open and commenced unloading of casualties, completed operation of unloading casualties and commenced loading ship with British Army vehicles and personnel. Completed loading operation after taking on 417 men and 12 officers, Bristish personnel, and 68 vehicles of various types.